As a full-service moving company, Europa Lieferung Express is able to offer residential movers with secure, affordable storage-in-transit (SIT) options as a complement to our traditional moving services.

If you’re planning a move but your new residence isn’t quite ready, or you need some additional storage space while you sell your previous home, Europa Lieferung Express can help. Our specialized storage services provide an easy-to-use, flexible solution when you’re faced with moving schedule challenges. We’ll store your belongings at our secure, convenient storage facilities as part of the moving process, hold them on site until your new home is ready, then move them into your new space when you are ready.


With our active insurance policy, you can be sure of your goods reaching your Destination safely


With our variety storage capacity, we can store your cargo based on perish-ability


Your goods are well secured with a 24/7 security thereby keeping your goods safe

Moving and Storage

At Europa Lieferung Express, we take the transportation of your cargo personally and we offer customers a vast and modern fleet of containers. From straightforward dry boxes to garmentainers to state-of-the-art controlled atmosphere reefers, Europa Lieferung Express has the size and type of box to suit your needs. Our modern offices are happy to advise you on which is the best container for your cargo.

  1. General purpose
  2. High cube
  3. Refrigerated
  4. Open top
  5. Flatracks
  6. Garmentainers
  7. Super rack
Our comprehensive maintenance program ensures all containers are in prime condition, and meet or exceed international quality standards. Manufactured from corrosion resistant steel (corten), stainless steel or aluminium, Europa Lieferung Express containers are of the highest quality.