We offers, private and air pet transportation services in America. We treat your pets like family.


Switch Express Mail Services provides trucking services for commercial and residential customers, freight services to and from any point. As a reliable freight forwarding company.


We provide a personalized freight forwarding service to all major international ports. Universal is also renowned for our expertise in handling all types of cargo.


We will attend to all formalities and air freight the cargo within the shortest time frame reliably, using our relationship with the major carriers to your destination country.

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Switch Express Mail provides capacity, infrastructure, and scalability. Our superior distribution network and integrated system capabilities will meet all of your material handling needs.


Switch Express Mail provides the highest-quality, dependable product storage, and comprehensive inventory management supported by the latest technology-enabled processes. 


We the expertise to help manage your inventory and get the right parts to the right places at the right time, and at the lowest cost at designing, building, and operating the highest-volume, highest-velocity material handling facilities, and Work Center processes.


Switch Express Mail provides the highest-quality, dependable product storage, and comprehensive inventory management supported by the latest technology-enabled processes. 

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The evolution of technology is pushing the boundaries and changing how the world does business. Today, we’re accustomed to everything being online and right at our fingertips for immediate access. It’s possible to receive a package less than an hour after ordering, depending on where you live.


Protect your Shipments against various risks and claims.  Safe and Insured are award-winning when it comes to haulage insurance. It is important to have the correct insurance in place when transporting goods and Safe and Insured can offer a bespoke package, individually tailored to you and your business.


At Switch Express Mail we understand that your business is dependent on others’ ability to come through for you in a bind. That’s where we come in with our fast dependable messengers, a quality trained support staff, and an experienced dispatch team to ensure your business keeps moving.


Our team is always available online for shippers. We have a great team of determined agents representing our valued customers every step of the way. Our representatives handle the search for carriers and establish all the loading details for shippers to conveniently ship their items. Switch Express Mail is partnered with various top TL and LTL carriers in order to meet fast and reliable shipping needs and demands.

Enter your PRO number or Shipment ID number above to track the location of your shipment after the pickup has been made. Switch Express Mail has been available for freight, trucking, and shipping services since 1998. There are thousands of trucks and loads available for shipping purposes, daily. Our website makes it easily available for shippers to find freight and connect with carriers, whether it is a local, cross-country, or even an international destination, they are all covered by us. We are also available to all shippers, whether it is for business shipping or when shipping freight to a residence.

David Sherman

I could not stay back and not give a testimonial after the great work I received From the Switch Express Mail team. The price of the delivery was the best part. Very Affordable.

Jeniffer Burns

I am posting this testimonial to appreciate the work that this Switch Express Mail company that was introduced to me by my brother. It did a great Job to me and my wife .I am satisfied because our new pet was safely brought to us at a very affordable price.

Raymond Billman

Switch Express Mail Service brought my Car from USA to me in Australia after I was transferred. It saved me a lot of money buying a new car.

Ginger, Salem & Motley

Thank you Switch Express Mail  Service for helping us board My Discreet parcel to keep them safe from the bushfires and sending them safely to the UK. This is the second time we have used you for Discreet services.  Thank you to all who helped us.

Bruce & Jet, Sydney to San Francisco, United States

Bruce and Jet have landed safely in our arms in San Francisco. I just wanted to thank YOU and the entire Switch Express Mail  Service for helping us with this process from EU to America. I especially appreciate how easy you made it for us when we had to reschedule the flight with such short notice because of my husband’s emergency knee surgery. Thank you for making it so seamless and for taking such great care of our babies. I cannot sing your praises loudly enough.

Roxy, Brisbane to London, United Kingdom

We were so excited to see Roxy today. We have been so happy with everything. From the moment I rang for a quote to the moment of picking her up when landed. She travelled well, enjoyed the updates from your team during travel and has settled nicely. Bit colder here so she has a new jacket and bed which she loves. Thank you for all your amazing effort in making Roxy’s travel a pleasant experience and the peace of mind you gave our family through the transition of moving her to our new home overseas.


When you partner with Switch Express Mail, you partner with the industry-leader in controlling inventory to manufacturing — and you gain significant benefits. You acquire access to exceptional people, processes, and systems and you realize Lean practices that are controlled, accurate, and dependable.

Switch Express Mail has the experience that comes from having performed a complete range of services in complex manufacturing environments for a multitude of existing customers across numerous industries including automotive, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing.

Switch Express Mail offers a wide variety of reports that can be automatically generated, formatted, and emailed on a regular schedule. When a standard report won’t suffice, customized reports can also be created. Reports we provide include:

  • Diverse Report Topics – As well as inbound, outbound, inventory status, and activity reporting, report topics, may include items such as potential product shortages and when they will occur, order scheduling activity, and warehouse storage capacity
  • Flexible Content – Standard reports have various options that control the data shown; sorting, grouping, and customization extends this even more
  • Output Format Choices – Typical output is in formats that can be manipulated, or as a PDF upon request
  • Transmission Options – Email or other FTP methods are available for report transmission

Freight payment is a collection of processes that can be thought of in general terms as an accounts payable service for transportation invoices.  Switch Express Mail services providers, such as a 3PL, act as the intermediary between the shipper and the carrier to receive, process, and pay invoices.  Every company is different so some processes may vary slightly, but typically invoices are sent directly to the freight payment provider by the carriers.  Upon receipt of the invoices, the following processes are usually included in a quality freight payment solution.

Invoice Receipt – Carriers submit invoices to the intermediary (such as a 3PL) in a variety of formats for processing.  Typical methods include manual invoices sent via the mail or email and electronic invoices sent via EDI.

Invoice Validation –  Upon receipt of invoices, the logistics services provider will validate and audit each invoice to make sure that the invoices have not been previously processed (duplicates), are the shipper’s responsibility to pay (billed correctly), and include proper/necessary documentation.  Additional shipper-specific validations are frequently included in this process such as the validation of bill of lading or purchase order numbers against a shipper’s internal data sets.

Today’s retailers are confronted by savvy, smartphone-toting consumers and an uncertain economic future. Shifts in the supply chain require wholesale distributors to operate more efficiently. Our Retail, Wholesale & Distribution practice offers insights and services tailored for your organization.


Consumer goods packaging is a diverse and creative industry and is vital to adding value, providing protection, and effectively marketing the product in the retail environment.


Priority Plastics tight-head containers are built for the important responsibility of keeping the contents they carry secure, so the handler is able to safely and confidently focus on getting the job done.


Everything about food is changing, from the way it’s grown, packaged, moved, marketed, sold, consumed. A superfast expansion solution from a few products to 50 SKUs in a short time.


Our global network, regional hubs, warehouses, and our dedicated team of specialists brings focused solutions to your oil & gas activities. You benefit from our end-to-end sea, air, land/rail transports.